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          丁香通 ? 期刊 ? 高級搜索



          41 條查詢結果

          1. Journal of mammary gland biology and neoplasia

          ISSN:1083-3021 (Print); ISSN:1573-7039 (Electronic); ISSN:1083-3021 (Linking);

          United States : New York, NY

          領域: 乳房、乳腺腫瘤、動物乳腺增生病、動物乳腺腫瘤

          2. Thyroid : official journal of the American Thyroid Association

          ISSN:1050-7256 (Print); ISSN:1557-9077 (Electronic); ISSN:1050-7256 (Linking);

          United States : New York, NY

          領域: 甲狀腺疾病、甲狀腺激素

          3. Breast cancer research and treatment

          ISSN:0167-6806 (Print); ISSN:1573-7217 (Electronic); ISSN:0167-6806 (Linking);

          Netherlands : Dordrecht

          領域: 乳腺腫瘤

          4. Surgery for obesity and related diseases : official journal of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery

          ISSN:1550-7289 (Print); ISSN:1878-7533 (Electronic); ISSN:1550-7289 (Linking);

          United States : New York, N.Y.

          領域: 消化系統外科手術、病態肥胖

          5. Liver transplantation : official publication of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the International Liver Transplantation Society

          ISSN:1527-6465 (Print); ISSN:1527-6473 (Electronic); ISSN:1527-6465 (Linking);

          United States : New York, NY

          領域: 肝移植

          6. Diseases of the colon and rectum

          ISSN:0012-3706 (Print); ISSN:1530-0358 (Electronic); ISSN:0012-3706 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia.

          領域: 結腸疾病、結直腸手術

          7. Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland)

          ISSN:0960-9776 (Print); ISSN:1532-3080 (Electronic); ISSN:0960-9776 (Linking);

          Netherlands : Amsterdam

          領域: 乳房、乳腺疾病、乳腺腫瘤

          9. International journal of colorectal disease

          ISSN:0179-1958 (Print); ISSN:1432-1262 (Electronic); ISSN:0179-1958 (Linking);

          Germany : [Heidelberg], [New York

          領域: 結直腸手術

          10. Clinical breast cancer

          ISSN:1526-8209 (Print); ISSN:1938-0666 (Electronic); ISSN:1526-8209 (Linking);

          United States : [New York]

          領域: 乳腺腫瘤

          11. Hernia : the journal of hernias and abdominal wall surgery

          ISSN:1265-4906 (Print); ISSN:1248-9204 (Electronic); ISSN:1248-9204 (Linking);

          France : Paris, France

          領域: 腹部、疝、腹腔鏡手術

          12. The breast journal

          ISSN:1075-122X (Print); ISSN:1524-4741 (Electronic); ISSN:1075-122X (Linking);

          United States : Malden, MA

          領域: 乳腺疾病、乳腺腫瘤

          13. Communications in computational physics.

          ISSN:1815-2406 (Print); ISSN:1991-7120 (Electronic);

          China : Hong Kong

          領域: 乳腺疾病

          14. Breast cancer (Tokyo, Japan)

          ISSN:1340-6868 (Print); ISSN:1880-4233 (Electronic); ISSN:1340-6868 (Linking);

          Japan : Tokyo

          領域: 乳腺腫瘤

          15. Techniques in coloproctology

          ISSN:1123-6337 (Print); ISSN:1128-045X (Electronic); ISSN:1123-6337 (Linking);

          Italy : Milano, Italy

          領域: 結腸疾病、結直腸手術、直腸疾病