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          丁香通 ? 期刊 ? 高級搜索



          122 條查詢結果

          1. Aging cell

          ISSN:1474-9718 (Print); ISSN:1474-9726 (Electronic); ISSN:1474-9718 (Linking);

          England : Oxford, UK : Wiley-Blackwell

          領域: 衰老、細胞衰老

          2. Neurobiology of aging

          ISSN:0197-4580 (Print); ISSN:1558-1497 (Electronic); ISSN:0197-4580 (Linking);

          United States : New York

          領域: 衰老、神經生理學

          3. Ageing research reviews

          ISSN:1568-1637 (Print); ISSN:1872-9649 (Electronic); ISSN:1568-1637 (Linking);

          England : Oxford, UK

          領域: 衰老、發育生物學

          4. Aging

          ISSN:1945-4589 (Electronic); ISSN:1945-4589 (Linking);

          United States : Albany, NY

          領域: 衰老

          5. The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences

          ISSN:1079-5006 (Print); ISSN:1758-535X (Electronic); ISSN:1079-5006 (Linking);

          United States : Washington, DC

          領域: 老年醫學

          6. Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

          ISSN:0161-9152 (Print); ISSN:1574-4647 (Electronic);

          Netherlands : Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Hingham, MA

          領域: 老年、衰老

          7. Rejuvenation research

          ISSN:1549-1684 (Print); ISSN:1557-8577 (Electronic); ISSN:1549-1684 (Linking);

          United States : Larchmont, NY

          領域: 衰老、長壽

          8. Experimental gerontology

          ISSN:0531-5565 (Print); ISSN:1873-6815 (Electronic); ISSN:0531-5565 (Linking);

          England : Tarrytown Ny

          領域: 衰老

          9. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

          ISSN:0002-8614 (Print); ISSN:1532-5415 (Electronic); ISSN:0002-8614 (Linking);

          United States : Malden, MA

          領域: 老年醫學

          10. The American journal of geriatric psychiatry : official journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

          ISSN:1064-7481 (Print); ISSN:1545-7214 (Electronic); ISSN:1064-7481 (Linking);

          United States : Washington, DC

          領域: 老年、精神疾病

          11. Mechanisms of ageing and development [刊名已更改]

          ISSN:0047-6374 (Print); ISSN:1872-6216 (Electronic); ISSN:0047-6374 (Linking);

          Ireland : Limerick

          領域: 衰老、生物化學、生長

          12. Biogerontology

          ISSN:1389-5729 (Print); ISSN:1389-5729 (Linking);

          Netherlands : Dordrecht, Boston

          領域: 衰老、細胞衰老、老年醫學

          13. Age and ageing

          ISSN:0002-0729 (Print); ISSN:1468-2834 (Electronic); ISSN:0002-0729 (Linking);

          England : Oxford

          領域: 衰老、老年醫學

          14. Journal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology

          ISSN:0891-9887 (Print); ISSN:0891-9887 (Linking);

          United States : Thousand Oaks, CA

          領域: 老年、老年精神病學、神經系統疾病

          15. Gerontology

          ISSN:0304-324X (Print); ISSN:1423-0003 (Electronic); ISSN:0304-324X (Linking);

          Switzerland : Basel, New York

          領域: 老年醫學