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          丁香通 ? 期刊 ? 高級搜索



          281 條查詢結果

          1. Annals of the rheumatic diseases

          ISSN:0003-4967 (Print); ISSN:1468-2060 (Electronic); ISSN:0003-4967 (Linking);

          England : London

          領域: 關節炎、風濕性疾病

          2. Nature reviews. Rheumatology

          ISSN:1759-4790 (Print); ISSN:1759-4804 (Electronic); ISSN:1759-4790 (Linking);

          United States : New York, NY

          領域: 骨疾病、結締組織疾病、風濕性疾病

          3. Arthritis and rheumatism

          ISSN:0004-3591 (Print); ISSN:1529-0131 (Electronic); ISSN:0004-3591 (Linking);

          United States : Hoboken, N.J.

          領域: 關節炎、風濕性疾病

          4. Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research

          ISSN:0884-0431 (Print); ISSN:1523-4681 (Electronic); ISSN:0884-0431 (Linking);

          United States : Washington, DC

          領域: 代謝性骨病、骨

          5. Nature clinical practice. Rheumatology [刊名已更改]

          ISSN:1745-8382 (Print); ISSN:1745-8390 (Electronic); ISSN:1745-8382 (Linking);

          United States : New York, NY

          領域: 骨疾病、結締組織疾病、風濕性疾病

          6. Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)

          ISSN:0112-1642 (Print); ISSN:0112-1642 (Linking);

          New Zealand : Auckland

          領域: 體力消耗、運動醫學

          7. Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism

          ISSN:0049-0172 (Print); ISSN:1532-866X (Electronic); ISSN:0049-0172 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia Pa

          領域: 關節炎、風濕性疾病

          8. Arthritis care & research

          ISSN:2151-464X (Print); ISSN:2151-4658 (Electronic); ISSN:2151-464X (Linking);

          United States : Hoboken, NJ

          領域: 關節炎

          9. Fungal diversity.

          ISSN:1560-2745 (Print); ISSN:1878-9129 (Electronic);

          China : Hong Kong

          領域: 體育教育與訓練、運動醫學

          10. Osteoporosis international : a journal established as result of cooperation between the European Foundation for Osteoporosis and the National Osteoporosis Foundation of the USA

          ISSN:0937-941X (Print); ISSN:1433-2965 (Electronic); ISSN:0937-941X (Linking);

          England : London, UK

          領域: 骨質疏松癥

          11. Exercise and sport sciences reviews

          ISSN:0091-6331 (Print); ISSN:1538-3008 (Electronic); ISSN:0091-6331 (Linking);

          United States : Hagerstown, MD

          領域: 體力消耗、運動醫學

          12. Arthritis research & therapy

          ISSN:1478-6354 (Print); ISSN:1478-6362 (Electronic); ISSN:1478-6354 (Linking);

          England : London

          領域: 關節炎

          13. Medicine and science in sports and exercise

          ISSN:0195-9131 (Print); ISSN:1530-0315 (Electronic); ISSN:0195-9131 (Linking);

          United States : Hagerstown, Md

          領域: 運動、運動醫學

          14. Current opinion in rheumatology

          ISSN:1040-8711 (Print); ISSN:1531-6963 (Electronic); ISSN:1040-8711 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia Pa

          領域: 關節炎、風濕性疾病

          15. British journal of sports medicine

          ISSN:0306-3674 (Print); ISSN:1473-0480 (Electronic); ISSN:0306-3674 (Linking);

          England : London

          領域: 運動醫學