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          丁香通 ? 期刊 ? 高級搜索



          91 條查詢結果

          1. Anesthesiology

          ISSN:0003-3022 (Print); ISSN:1528-1175 (Electronic); ISSN:0003-3022 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia Pa

          領域: 麻醉學

          2. British journal of anaesthesia

          ISSN:0007-0912 (Print); ISSN:1471-6771 (Electronic); ISSN:0007-0912 (Linking);

          England : Oxford, UK

          領域: 麻醉學

          3. Regional anesthesia and pain medicine

          ISSN:1098-7339 (Print); ISSN:1532-8651 (Electronic); ISSN:1098-7339 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia, PA

          領域: 麻醉引流導管、疼痛管理

          4. Anesthesia and analgesia

          ISSN:0003-2999 (Print); ISSN:1526-7598 (Electronic); ISSN:0003-2999 (Linking);

          United States : Baltimore, Md.

          領域: 麻醉學

          5. Anaesthesia

          ISSN:0003-2409 (Print); ISSN:1365-2044 (Electronic); ISSN:0003-2409 (Linking);

          England : Oxford, UK

          領域: 麻醉學

          6. Minerva anestesiologica

          ISSN:0375-9393 (Print); ISSN:1827-1596 (Electronic); ISSN:0375-9393 (Linking);

          Italy : Torino

          領域: 麻醉學

          7. Canadian journal of anaesthesia

          ISSN:0832-610X (Print); ISSN:1496-8975 (Electronic); ISSN:0832-610X (Linking);

          United States : New York

          領域: 麻醉學

          8. Journal of neurosurgical anesthesiology

          ISSN:0898-4921 (Print); ISSN:1537-1921 (Electronic); ISSN:0898-4921 (Linking);

          United States : Hagerstown, MD

          領域: 麻醉、神經外科手術

          9. European journal of anaesthesiology

          ISSN:0265-0215 (Print); ISSN:1365-2346 (Electronic); ISSN:0265-0215 (Linking);

          England : Cambridge

          領域: 麻醉學

          10. Current opinion in anaesthesiology

          ISSN:0952-7907 (Print); ISSN:1473-6500 (Electronic); ISSN:0952-7907 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia, PA

          領域: 麻醉學

          11. Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica

          ISSN:0001-5172 (Print); ISSN:1399-6576 (Electronic); ISSN:0001-5172 (Linking);

          England : Oxford, UK

          領域: 麻醉學

          12. Paediatric anaesthesia

          ISSN:1155-5645 (Print); ISSN:1460-9592 (Electronic); ISSN:1155-5645 (Linking);

          France : Paris, France

          領域: 麻醉、兒童、嬰兒

          13. Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine

          ISSN:1441-2772 (Print); ISSN:1441-2772 (Linking);

          Australia : Strawberry Hills, NSW, Australia

          領域: 麻醉、危重護理、急診、復蘇

          14. Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia

          ISSN:1053-0770 (Print); ISSN:1532-8422 (Electronic); ISSN:1053-0770 (Linking);

          United States : Philadelphia, PA

          領域: 麻醉、心臟外科手術、胸外科、血管外科手術

          15. International journal of obstetric anesthesia

          ISSN:0959-289X (Print); ISSN:1532-3374 (Electronic); ISSN:0959-289X (Linking);

          Netherlands : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

          領域: 產科麻醉